What makes us a complete advertising agency

You need a single-window that will cater to all your advertising needs.

Our holistic approach to marketing communications solutions follows a

scientific proprietary methodology that optimises cost per opportunity to see.

This ensures that you get best value for your money. We are that comprehensive

one-point touchdown for you. Simply, because our matrix of capabilities covers

the entire spectrum of advertising services. On the one hand you are assured

of total involvement and deep understanding of your brand, and on the other,

you stand to gain from the benefits of a consistent approach and cost-effective



How we create memorable advertising for you

We blend marketing ground realities with ingredients such as consumer insight,

preferences, buying behaviour, even the mood of the market. Competition is

analysed, comparative studies are made. Lateral thinking comes into play.

Brand redefinitions are worked out...all to reengage your customer

from time to time.  To make the message immediately compelling, so that

people reach out for your brand is the essence of our advertising communication.


Why you can depend on us to build your brand

Because we stay involved. From the birth of the brand, through its entire life.

Understanding the brand. Embracing a brand vision. Focusing on changing the rules

in your favour. Finding the path that'll propel you forward by many years.

Frequent interactions with you, and our own product and market research teams

make sure we get our approach right. Critical differentiation, likeability and evolution

are what our advertising strategies feed on. By treating your customers with

respect we ensure an emotional bank balance that they will not withdraw from,

thus putting your brand far ahead of the pack.

Why the market loves us

If you are a retail market participant, we first distance your brand

from the bandwagon. By driving home the differentiation message we help

in retaining and increasing your customer base. Product awareness, creative impact,

positioning...are but the means to achieve this goal. If you are a corporate sector

player we make sure you stay relevant to each geographic location you operate in.

We create new marketplaces by connecting your brand to the locals

by speaking their language. Act local, go global is the principle we use to keep you

relevant. And then, there is the one advantage few can bring to board.

Our services that come full circle. From establishing your brand identity

and creating brand awareness to increasing your brand equity, we deliver



How we render effective employer branding

Your concerns - An exclusive employment proposition that attracts premium talent.

Consolidation of your employment brand positioning. Maximising return on


Our delivery - A scientific process that starts at gap analysis, moves on to

the creation of brand awareness and takes your brand equity that critical  notch


Through an exclusive division - Ramakanth Advertising for Manpower, RAM.

Backed by the services of our SBU, Ramakanth Recruitment Resources, 3R,

that brings the advantage of finding suitable and befitting talent for you

by providing end-end recruitment solutions - branding, sourcing, recruitment

and retention strategies, relationship management, job fairs and more...

How you can maximise your RoI

We have our sights set firmly on effective advertising; all our efforts are channeled

in one direction - selling your brand. Our four-pronged service approach focuses on-

ensuring that your brand keeps pace with the  volatile marketplaceand changing

consumer psyche

continuous innovation in our approach to publicity and positioning

cost-effective measures of advertising -  from picking the right media mixto

suggesting spend areas that assure a return for every expenditure

comprehensive service offering so that  you gain on time spent

in getting your brand and product understood every time and get

unbeatable cost advantage


Why it makes better business sense to stay with us

Because we can drive sales for you. We see the brand as your company's

ultimate asset. Not as a generic product or service, but as a whole lot of things

beyond that. We believe it is the vital link to the preferences and demands

of your customers. We make it our business to understand your business.

So that you can focus on meaningful deliveries while we reevaluate and refresh

your value propositions continually.

How we practice the fine art of branding

A smartly devised balancing act between corporate culture and advertising stance

is what we undertake. What your company is about, what is your vision,

which milestones you have left behind, what benchmarks you wish to achieve...

we study each of these in-depth to chalk out a brand promotion strategy

within acceptable industry norms.The route map starts at designing

a distinct corporate identity and drafting vision & mission statements,

traverses along the path of conceiving creative internal and external communication

using a smart media mix, moves to devising employee-retaining HR initiatives,

database management, shaping a socially responsible corporate image for you,

and going the extra mile to keep your brand in the public eye

for all the positive reasons...through a predetermined, client-specific

advertising calendar.


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